Welcome to our Staff:

Dr. Bruce Carstens:

Dr. Carstens received his D.V.M. degree from U.C. Davis in 1991. He considers himself a pediatrician to the four-legged members of your family. Dr. Carstens, his wife, and two sons have lived in Rocklin since 1992, and are the proud caretakers of four cats.

Suzie Carstens:

Suzie is the Business Manager for our hospital. A financial wizard, she ensures that things run smoothly and all the bills are paid. She received her Master's Degree from UC Davis and she designed the beautiful interior of our hospital.


Dawn has greeted pets at the front door with her enthusiastic personality and a treat in hand for many years. She knows most pets and their owners names before they come in the door.


Doreen is the former Librarian of Twin Oaks Elementary School in Rocklin. She is now a full-time client service coordinator, and challenges our vocabulary skills with her "words of the week."


Jenna started working for us in 2006. She has a superhuman talent for doing anything needed with a laugh and a smile.


Cindy is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has worked with Dr Carstens since 1986. She keeps everything flowing smoothly in surgery.


Vanessa graduated from the 49er R.O.P. program in 2006. She is very passionate about animals, especially pugs. Here she is with her sweetheart, Libby.


Jenny is currently a student at William Jessup University working towards a teaching credential. She always has a smile and nice words for the animals.


Rae is a third-year pre-vet student at UC Davis who completed her ROP internship two years ago and still works for us part time while going to college. She works wonders with her foster kittens when she isn't busy with her American Eskimos "Nanook" and "Keyush".


Blair graduated from the ROP program in 2011, and recently completed her CVA license to register as a Certified Veterinary Assistant. She is also our local music expert.


Maggie is a third-year student at Cal State University Chico, working toward a teaching degree. She can be seen in our photo gallery at the age of two with her family dog. Here she is holding Finnie, our house cat.


Hayley started as a volunteer with us and now works full time. Here she is with "Lovebug", our hospital cat. She will be a freshman at UC Berkeley in the fall of 2014.


Lisa graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Animal Science, and is currently applying to Vet School. She has lots of experience working with horses and dogs and cats.

Dr. Mark Willett:

Dr. Willett is our relief veterinarian, who helps out here when Dr. Carstens is out of town. He is a graduate of U.C. Davis and plays baritone in the alumni band.