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About Willow Rock Pet Hospital

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Dear Willow Rock Pet Hospital Clients,

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new owners and veterinarians of Willow Rock Pet Hospital: Dr. Omar Cabrera and Dr. Aileen Thompson.  As of Monday, January 3rd, 2022 we began seeing patients and slowly transitioning from the previous owners to ourselves.  You may notice the support team you know and have worked with for years is the same.  All of the employees that were previously here with Dr. Carstens are staying to embark on this journey with us.

We are flattered that Dr. Carstens reached out to us directly when he was ready to retire.  He believes we will be a good fit for his practice, and he knew that will we strive to continue the good work he started at Willow Rock so many years ago.

We are going to share some general information about ourselves so you feel like you know us a little bit better when you come in to see us.  Dr. Cabrera is entering his 11th year of practice and Dr. Thompson is beginning her 10th year as a veterinarian.  We live here in the Roseville/Lincoln areas and have children that attend the local schools.  We are your neighbors, not a large corporation, and we would like the opportunity to build a partnership with you to take care of your family pets- when they are sick but also when they are in need of their healthy pet wellness visits. 

You may notice things are done a little differently now that we are here to take care of the clients and pets of Willow Rock.  As with any job or profession, individual veterinary doctors practice medicine and make recommendations with certain variation,  but always with the same end goal in mind - keeping your pets happy and healthy.  There will be new tests, new medications, new surgeries, etc. that will be discussed and recommended.  We pride ourselves in being current with the ever changing field of veterinary medicine and promise to offer you the highest quality, up to date,  veterinary care outside of a specialty center.

Prices will increase.  This is the case with every industry at this time in our country.  Inflation is occurring and will always occur, but this year prices for everything have jumped up much higher than in recent years.  We are proud to pay our employees a livable wage with excellent benefits and staff our hospital with enough people to maximize the number of animals we can help each day.  All this comes at a cost that is reflected in our appropriate pricing.  We promise to work with each individual to do what we can for their pet within their budget, but you will always be offered the best care first - whether that is for your sick pet or at a wellness visit with preventative care.

Most importantly as we embark on this journey together - please be patient and kind.  There are a lot of hiccups to work out during this first year and we strive to meet each new challenge in a timely fashion.  Willow Rock has a very large client base and we are attempting to take care of everyone as quickly as possible.  While there may be times that we disagree and will have difficult conversations, we will not tolerate clients that are rude or verbally abusive to our staff or ourselves.  Please be courteous and respectful of each individual you work with when you visit us.

In closing, we are excited beyond words to enter this new chapter with you and your pets.  Willow Rock Pet Hospital is well regarded in this community and we want to keep that growth and relationship going into the next 20 years.  Join us as we begin the adventure.


Kind regards,


Dr. Omar Cabrera

Dr. Aileen Thompson

Our Team

Meet the Willow Rock Pet Hospital Team!

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