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We Love Our Patients and What We Do!

At Willow Rock Pet Hospital, we provide high quality veterinary care with a focus on preventative care while keeping our patients top priority.

Wellness Exams

The Willow Rock Pet Hospital Team is committed to keeping your pet healthy year-round, that's why we recommend biannual wellness exams.

Dental Care

At Willow Rock Pet Hospital, we are passionate about dental health and prevention of painful periodontal disease. We have invested in state-of-the-art dental equipment, including digital dental radiographs, to keep your pet's mouth healthy. While we can address and cure advanced dental disease and infections, our philosophy is to prevent these problems with routine anesthetic dental cleanings.


Vaccinations are important to keep your pet healthy, as well as your human family. At Willow Rock Pet Hospital we offer a variety of vaccines and vaccine schedules that will be individually tailored to your pet's needs and lifestyle.


In addition to routine spaying and neutering, Willow Rock Pet Hospital veterinarians perform a full range of routine and emergency surgeries. In the event that a board certified surgeon is needed, we have a partnership with a local surgeon who will come and perform specialty surgeries in our clinic so your pet stays under the care of it's primary care veterinarian in an environment they are comfortable in.

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